How EECAP Began

EECAP began in 2005 when Deb Goode Jerison began helping her mother with her claim. Deb was appalled at the level of technical expertise and complicated information NIOSH and DOL expected her mother, an 80-year-old in poor health, to be able to provide. Deb dug in and learned as much as she could about the process. Other people began asking for her help. In 2007 EECAP was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

How EECAP Helps

  • Providing EEOICPA information on EECAP website

  • Analyzing EEOICPA data

  • Answering questions about EEOICPA

  • Researching information about EEOICPA facilities

  • Providing historical information to SEC petitioners


EECAP Accomplishments

  • Payments of over $5,000,000 to claimants

  • Provided evidence to DOL to change the Dayton Project from an AWE to a DOE site 

  • Provided  documentation of chemicals and jobs at the Dayton Project and Mound for the SEM

  • Caused DOL to remove Freddy Krueger and similar names as claimants in their Claims Examiner Training Manual

  • Collected, reviewed, and indexed AEC, ERDA, and DOE documents

  • Requested and received information from FOIA requests

  • Developed publications on EEOICPA issues

  • Developed surveys documenting problems with EEOICPA

  • Provided information to the public, news media, Congress, DOL, DOE, and NIOSH

  • Worked for the establishment of the Advisory Board on Toxic Substances and Worker Health

  • Developed EECAP website


EECAP Current Projects

  • Providing support and documentation to SEC petitioners

  • Working to expand SECs

  • Working to add new facilities to EEOICPA

  • Working closely with ANWAG